A history of mystery underpins the team who are too famous to remain secret and too secretive to be famous. Did their sound wash up on the sun-kissed beaches of Ibiza? Was it born in the palm-fringed frenzy of a Thai full-moon? Or did some long-forgotten Golem create this sublime sound using the time-honoured tradition of immaculate conception? The truth remains elusive but it hardly matters. What counts is the divine melody which falls from the sky like manna from heaven, and the dirty, floor-filling rhythms that shake the earth and transport the listener into the lap of the gods. This isn't music -- this is magic. The elixir of life in a universe where the time-space continuum threatens to be torn apart at any moment. Step out of the shadow and into the sunlight. Watch as truth and beauty collide on a phosphorescent horizon. Find that place inside yourself where myths are made and the heart and mind become one.


You, too, can be secretly famous

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